Destroy Windows Spying

Destroy Windows Spying (DWS) - a free utility that prevents tracking of your activity in Windows 10 and enhances the security and privacy settings of the operating system from Microsoft.

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If you are having problems, you can download the Debug version of the program, and try to solve the problems yourself.


Data protection

We very carefully treat the protection of your confidential data, so you do not have to worry about their safety, just trust it to us.


Communicate with the community

We listen to our customers, listen to their wishes, comments, and we try to improve the product so that it can be used by most users. So your feedback on the product is important to us.



From companies that have the direction to protect your data, come up with a simple solution, we will be unique, and the first in its class. After a while you will see it for yourself.

About us

We are developing software for:

  • Protecting your sensitive data
  • Protection against built-in spyware
  • Antivirus
  • Business Extensions
  • And more....

Also we provide high quality of software, and its constant support. All our software will have free versions so that everyone can afford to use our products.
Join us! We will help to protect the Internet from constant surveillance, and protect all your data!